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Video recording tools 

Recording tools are used for recording audio, video (through your webcam), and capturing the actions on your screen (screen capture). If recording audio, use a headset with a microphone for better audio quality.

Use recording tools to create screencasts, webcam captures, hand-drawn animations, and Kahn-style pencasts.


myMediasite is an add-on of Mediasite that is available for all UM staff. It allows you to make video presentations and manage them on your own laptop or PC.

With myMediasite it is relatively easy to upload a video to the Mediasite platform. The video’s can be shared with your students either through a link send by mail embedded in EleUM. it is also possible to download the video as an MP4 and publish to YouTube or iTunesU.

Instructions and access 



With Powerpoint you can create professional looking videos. The convenience is that most people are already familiar with Powerpoint. You can add narration, text and animation, export to MP4 and upload to Mediasite or Youtube.

Instruction videos for Powerpoint


If you are a Mac user, editing Powerpoint videos and exporting them with audio is a hassle.

With Keynote however it is also possible to edit videos. You can add narration, text, and animation, export to MP4 and upload to Mediasite or Youtube.

Instruction videos for KeyNote

Windows 10 Game Bar

Windows game bar comes standard with windows 10 and offers convenient screen recording and screen shots options. This allows you to record anything you do on the screen.

Tech Smith Capture

Capture is a screen recording and screen capturing tool by Techsmith. Strong features are the possibility to upload footage of your screen recording to the cloud and send your recipient(s) the the link by email, solving the problem of your video file being to large to send A second strong feature is the possibility to draw on your screen captures (pictures not videos) to highlight an area.

For Mac and Windows (free) | Official website 







For a video produced in the DIY studio you need a specific powerpoint presentation template that allows to selct a slide per fragment. The webclip2go studio hardware and software will link turn each slide slides into specific scene setting such as your background images charts, video, text and text overlay. Basically, your PowerPoint presentation controls your studio recording.

You can choose which template slides you want to apply. Simply delete slides you don’t need. Slides determine where you appear in the presentation and where your text and images will appear. Of course you can use a chromakeyed background (chromakey = transparent).

After you presented your powerpoint presentation in the DIY studio your video is finished, including a leader, your name in a lower third and an outro. No editing is needed and your video is optimized for uploading in mediasite.

For more info go to the VideUM book a studio section or to the Create a video step by step section. 

Download PowerPoint template

Brief DIY studio tutorial


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