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Video editing tools 

If you want to create a video out of separate clips, you use video editing software to rearrange your clips on a timeline, shorten them, add titles or text overlays, and music.


myMediasite is an add-on of Mediasite that is available for all UM staff. It allows you to make video presentations and manage them on your own laptop or PC.

With myMediasite it is relatively easy to upload a video to the Mediasite platform. The videos can be shared with your students either through a link send by mail embedded in EleUM. it is also possible to download the video as an MP4 and publish to YouTube or iTunesU.

More information on usage 

Open Shot Video Editor

A cross-platform free video editing software with support for Linux, Mac and Windows. Intuitive and straight forward video editor that works well for beginners and medium advanced editors. Features include unlimited tracks, animation frameworks, audio visualization, slow motion and time effects.

For all  (free) | Official website 


The equivalent of Windows Moviemaker for Apple; simple video editor that works well for beginners. You can also use I-movie on your Iphone or tablet.

Only for Apple (free) | Official website 



Camtasia Studio 8 or 9 


Camtasia Studio 8 or 9 let you create screen recordings, audio recordings, voice overs, and webcam captures. Since Camtasia Studio is also a video editor, recordings are easily made into a complete video. Camtasia is suitable for creating screencasts, Kahn-style pencasts and webcam captures (ca. €170,-).
Screendraw is a Camtasia Studio 8 drawing feature. Watch the tutorial below to see how to use it. 

Official website  | Tutorial  



Adobe Premiere Pro 

The industry-standard; professional video editing software that provides lots of freedom in manipulating different parameters. However, for beginners, the many functions may be overwhelming. (c. €290,- per year).

Official website  | Tutorials