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Animation tools 

Animation is a wide genre that includes different techniques, such as taking photos and drawing frames. You often need a combination of tools for animation. Examples of animation are hand drawn animation and stop motion. In this section you read about the tools find examples and read about the basics.  

An example of a hand drawn pencast, which was made for the Maastricht University PBL MOOC.

This hand drawn animation video with narration (voice over), is a series of static images drawn on paper, which were filmed with a camera and then sped up with video editing software. This technique yields great results without investing too much time. You can also do a hand drawn animation on a whiteboard or create one by drawing with a Wacom tablet, combined with screen recording and video editing software. It is easy to erase (parts of) your drawings and change background colour.

Watch this tutorial on the practical aspects of making a hand drawn pen cast, using a Wacom tablet and Camtasia editing and recording software. Note that you could use any drawing software, screen recorder and editing software. 

This video explains the process of creating a hand drawn video, in this case on a whiteboard. it describes the fives steps of (1) idea development (2) scripting (3) story boarding (4) editing and (5) posting online. 

Hand drawn animation tools

Below you find a selection of animation tools, both software and hardware, with a short explanation and links to the official website as well as a tutorial.


CamStudio open source 

CamStudio is free screen capture software to record all screen and audio activity on your computer.

Official website  


Smoothdraw is an easy to use drawing application. It allows you to customize your brushes, background and text colour. Only for Windows (free).

Official website  


Powtoon is an online application for creating animations with predesigned characters and objects and customizable animations. Quick and easy quality results. Free option to create and store your videos online. Free version with restrictions or a monthly plan.

Official website | Tutorials   

Adobe Premiere Pro 

The industry-standard; professional video editing software that provides lots of freedom in manipulating different parameters. However, for beginners, the many functions may be overwhelming. (c. €290,- per year).

Official website  | Tutorials 


The equivalent of Windows Moviemaker for Apple; simple video editor that works well for beginners. You can also use I-movie on your Iphone or tablet.

Only for Apple (free) | Official website 

Windows Movie Maker 

Intuitive and straight forward video editor that works well for beginners who want to create simple videos.

Only for Windows (free) | Official website 

Stop-motion animation tools

Stop-motion animation is made by placing photos in sequence. In order to ‘animate’ your characters or objects, you move them each time you take a photo. below you find some stop-motion animation tools as well as some tutorials.