Register a lecture



Register a lecture

A recording of your lecture provides students the opportunity to review your lecture before an exam or right after your lecture, in order to improve their notes or for better understanding. Moreover, students who were not able to attend (e.g. due to illness), can watch your lecture afterwards.

Livestream an event

When part of your audience cannot attend, you can livestream your lecture or event. This way all attendees can attend, either in-person or remote. If you want to organize  a livestream from a lecture hall, please inform the Video support staff of the faculty where the lecture hall is located. He or she will provide you with a link to communicate to potential viewers.

Make a reservation for one of the lecture halls equipped with a Mediasite recorder, by contacting the scheduling office of the respective faculty (see below). If the room is not available you can inquire about the possibility to hire a mobile recorder (note: currently available for a limited set of rooms and university buildings).

Maastricht University Mediasite recorder equipped rooms
LAW Feestzaal – BOU3
    Statenzaal – BOU3
FASOS Turnzaal – GG90-92
FPN / FHML Maastrichtzaal – UNS 40
    Bonte zaal – UNS 50, H1.331
    Blauwe zaal – UNS 50, 0402
    Groene zaal – UNS 50, 0406
    Paarse zaal – UNS 50, 1319
    Rode zaal – UNS 50, 0480
FPN Jo Ritzen zaal (Auditorium) – Oxfordlaan 55
    2 mobile recorders for use within FPN
SBE roombooking form Lecture Hall – T53, A-1.01
    Auditorium/Aula – T53 H0.01
    1 mobile recorder for use within SBE


There are two options.

Option 1

Schedule the recording in advance – preferred option
Inform your key user (well in advance), so he or she can schedule the recording and add metadata. In most cases you will have to push the recording buttons on the AMX display (touch panel) yourself to start and stop the recording. You will have the option to request a live stream. In that case, your weblink to the live stream will be sent to you in advance. *for livestreams this is your only option.

Manual for the AMX recorder LAW – Statenzaal/Feestzaal.

Option 2

Only in case you forgot to schedule the recording – this is not preferred
If you forgot to schedule the recording and know how to operate the Mediasite recorder, you can start/stop the recording yourself. The recording will automatically be saved to the Mediasite recorder.  Afterwards, you need to inform/ask your key user to retrieve and publish the recording to Mediasite and send you the weblink.

Please check this complete manual for recording and sharing a video with your students,  or have a look at an example of a quick reference card on video recording in a lecture room.



STEP 3 – only if you want to share the link in EleUM yourself
You can publish the recording in your EleUM course by using the Mediasite building block. For instructions go to How to upload a video.