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Inner City Library



All UM staff and students can use the inner city library Do-It-Yourself studio . Here you can produce a professional video by yourself! The DIY studio is PowerPoint driven. So, if you can make a PowerPoint presentation you can make a video in our DIY studio. It’s a snap!

All you need to do is:

  • Book the studio using UM resource booker
  • Download DIY powerpoint template below and adjust it to create your video template. It is crucial that you keep the original slide template names! Otherwise the the studio software cannot process them correctly.
  • Save the PowerPoint presetnation to a USB stick
  • Come to the studio and follow the DIY instructions below
Download PowerPoint template here: WebClip2Go PP-Template
Download studio Instruction here: UB-DIY-Studio-Instruction
Go to the create a video step by step section of VideUM for guidance through the entire the video production process

Other UM studio’s


SBE studio - free for SBE - other faculties for pay

The SBE studio can produce various video formats. Examples are recording knowledge clips, Animations, short video messages, voice-overs, screencasts, Udacity style tablet capture.

Click here for an overview of video formats



Studio use is free for SBE personel.
Costs for other faculties:

Rent of the studio for the first 2 hours: € 150,-
Cost per 2 additional hours
€ 75,-
Aditional costs  
AV-support per hour € 50,-
Use of an SBE Mediasite recorder per 2 hours € 160,-



Walter Vluggen

Example video

FHML Science Vision - reduced costs for FHML & other faculties available for pay

Science Vision is a multimedia service provider at the UM Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. They have professional audio-visual facilities for clients within and outside Maastricht University.

Their services include filming documentaries and instructional videos, digitising video footage and live streaming events. Multiple camera angles can be arranged for  web conferencing and recordings. In addition, Science Vision provides a wide range of training programmes, including media training.


T: 043-3881595

Studio’s outside UM


Other commercial parties to create your video

Follow this link for commercial video production partners. This list is provided by the marketing department of Maastricht University. Please the providers directly for a price indication.