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UM camera teams

If ‘do-it-yourself’ is not an option and you have a budget you may choose from several parties.

UM student video team

The UM video team is professionally coached and assisted by the UM department of Marketing & Communication.
The team consists of 10 to 15 enthusiastic students with filming and/or editing skills.They can also provide reporters who report on an event or do brief interviews. The M&C department provides the filming and editing equipment. 


The approximate costs are usually between €100-300. Costs are determine by the length of the video and other production-related factors. And individual price estimate is available upon request.


If you have any questions or inquiries about the UM student video team, please contact us on:
T: +31 43 388 5206

For any other questions you can contact:
General UM student video(team) coordinator: Annabel Reker T: +31 43 388 5224

FHML Science Vision (reduced costs for FHML also available for other faculties)

Science Vision is a multimedia service provider at the UM Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences providing state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities to clients within and outside the university. 

Their services include filming documentaries and instructional videos, digitising video footage and broadcasting events live over the Internet. Video conferencing and recordings using one or more cameras are also part of the possibilities on offer. Science Vision has facilities to suit a wide range of training programmes, including media training for politicians, managers and executives.


T: 043-3881595


External production teams

Other (commercial) parties who can record your video

Follow this link for a list of commercial parties who can record a video