Good practices



Good practices

Watch these inspirational good practice interviews with UM staff. Find out how they use video in their education.  If you have a practice that you would like to share. Please contact us We gladly record an interview with you and add it to the collection below.

Good practices in the Netherlands

In preparation of this portal we collected good practices with regard to across Dutch (and one Belgian) higher  education institutes.  

Video in the Netherlands

Good Practice: Interviews

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Video in the Netherlands

Good Practice: Mindmaps

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Good practices interviews with UM staff

Good practice interview with UM Rector Magnificus, Prof. dr. Rianne Letchert, on video in research


Good practice interview Kai Heidemann UCM student generated documentary

Good Practice Interview Bram Akkermans LAW

Good practice interview Giselle Bosse student generated clip BBC documentary

Good practice interview Michael Capalbo FPN just-in-time-video Knowledge clips

Good practice interview Roy Erkens FHS experiential video travel vlog

Good practice interview Nynke de Jong FHML expert mini lectures talking head slides

Good practice interview Marjolein van Asselt prerecorded lectures

Good practice interview Sjoerd Claessens LAW feedback clip pencast

Good practice interview Sjoke Merk knowledge clip talking head

Good practice interview Sandra Mulkens FPN student skill demonstration simulation consult

Good practice interview Michael Capalbo FPN just-in-time-video knowledge clip – 3D models